I’m drunk off it

What I tell her to do

She’ll listen

Spread the legs

At the snap of a finger


Same as him

At the command of my voice

He’ll murder a man

For a mere bruise

And if you look at it a certain way

These are the foundations of a country

Coming into birth

With me at the helm

A Women’s Life

Her eyes leak escaped colours

They betray her thoughts

Her dreams appear in colourful mist

For a moment

She eyes me up

And down


The visions come

A frozen unicorn

Stretching, straining

for a blade of grass

On a lone hill

Her baby

Repeatedly stabbed

Asking: “Why?”

With a nonchalant look on it’s face

A man

Throwing red paint

At her boarded up home

In a drunken rage

falling to his knees

Crying with frustration

Her parents

Blank faced

A constant white

enveloping memories

Her birth and death

Etched into her brain

Scribbled on papers

pinned up

On every nerve ending

Informing the masses on her due date

She walks into the mist



I watch her fade