Phantom Photographer

A camera takes shots of me

Whether I like it or not

I tell it to stop

But it takes another shot

Its flash blinds me

Unable to think

So quickly I run the taps

To fill up the sink

The waters cold

As is my heart

My camera is scared

I hear it shaking apart

I throw the lens into the sink

And give the body a nice cool drink

The cameras dead

Resting at the bottom of the sink

Heavy as lead

Yet the flash still goes off

Taking another shot

Fishing in the Forest

The pines roar like the sea up above me

I am a fish

Swimming through the falling pine needles

The trees breathe air into my gills

Their fresh scent moistens my scales

I see a hook attached to a line

There is something alluring about it

The way it glistens in the sunlight

I take a chance

Swallowing it

The line suddenly whips upwards

The hook deep into my cheek

I am being reeled in

It seems the line is attached to a rod

Hanging from outside a Helicopter

A mighty bear holding it

Grunting approvingly

I find others just like me

Stacked up in cool boxes

Although they are not moving