Looking through

A repeating dream convulsing

Through my limbs

Digging, unrooting my flesh

Planting itself, right in there

Clenching my motor cortex


It’s a dream

Where my tear ducts

Are torn out

Where I’m dancing in black rain

On a white platform

In the spotlight

With the sea as my audience

The rain swirls around my movements

The clouds are clapping

I can see her face up there

Looking right through me

I can’t stop dancing

A Storm’s Kiss

A silver fog blurs my vision

Till I’m left with nothing but hearing

I can feel the grey sea moaning

As the long forseen storm

Searches for me

Shouting my name with such power

That I cower into the fetal position

The storm sends out hurricane after hurricane

Searching for me

Asking the sea

If it’s seen me anywhere

The sea shrugs

With a nonchalant moan

The fog finally betrays me

Lifting itself


The storm has found me

It materialises into human form

Kissing me with thunder