In Love with a Recording

I am in love with a ghost

Although she does not know it

Everytime she walks the courtyard

At midnight

My eyes are fixed to her

Her hands glide along the steel rails

Her bare, naked feet


Along the stone cobbles

Her pale blue eyes

Lost in fog

Searching for something, someone

Maybe me

But I can never bring myself to tell her

That I am here

So I let her


Play like an old VHS

And indulge myself

Unrequited Love for a Mosquito

She is a mosquito

She just can’t get enough

I have blood too much blood

I’m full of it

It’s not going anywhere

I keep pumping it out

Shouldn’t it be going somewhere

I’m bloating, bigger and bigger

It’s seeping through the cracks in my skin

This is it, I’ll explode

I guess she didn’t want any more blood