Seven Days of the Week

The days will run on by us

No eye-contact, single-file

Mile by mile they will pass us

All the while we try to connect

Try to talk to the days that pass

While our flesh wrinkles

And eyes turn to dust

Our bodies, Collasping to the ground

Into heaps of bones

All the seven days stand around us

Wondering where the time went

The Monotony of a Half-Man

Get up

Eat cereal if hungry

Drink breakfast juice

Neglect brushing teeth

Too cold for showering

Check social media

Check emails

Listen to music

Play computer games

Get changed into work clothes


Motorcycle there





Motorcycle back


Eat dinner

Chat with parents

Chat with girlfriend

Consider shower

Play computer games


Watch a movie





Read a book

Turn off the light

Think, dream

Dreaming, thinking






Wake up


Get up



A single note plays through my mind, uninterrupted, undisturbed. Just as they would like it. Discord and changes to the note can result in beautiful melodies.

Suicidal Fantasy

I grab a chair from the kitchen

Moving it to the centre of the room

Where a noose hangs from the ceiling

I learnt the hangman’s knot

From the scouts

One of the only things I could do right


I stood up on the chair

And looked around my living room

So dark, so empty

There’s no substance

Empty pots, dirty plates

There’s no living here

The window shows me

The bleak landcsape of the moors

Lifeless, dead trees

Grey skies

Carcasses of sheep


I look through the noose


A land of sharp, green grass

Vibrant, powerful colours

Flowers of the rainbow

Pure white skies

Bustling wildlife, birds of paradise

Singing sweet songs of euphoria


I kick the chair


My neck doesn’t break


So I guess I’ll just have to wait

The two worlds merge together

Like broken clips of film

Till I’ve lost all distinction between the two

Out of focus, blurry

The pixels dislodge and fly off

In all directions

Losing colour as they fizzle out

Fading into a harmonious white

My body breaks up

Melting into the white fabric

I see bits of memory float away

Dreams, reality, nothing..


Eulogy for my Hamster

Wide-eyed and awake

Still, long haired he will remain

His eyes held the world

His heart as strong as ten men

It was beating too hard for his fragile cage

So he opened his bars and let loose

His chains that tied him to ageing

He floated far away

From a world that offered him

Nothing but pain

To a place where time loses meaning

And he could be truly free


But he forgot the ones he left behind

The hearts he touched in damaged minds

Thought he was young and not long ours

We will remember him

While we are still locked

Behind bars




The Cellist

I am walking through a forest

There is a Cellist

Somewhere playing

Deep notes

Shrouded in a tangle of branches

It sounds like Autumn


The notes burst out in colour

Burning so bright and itense

Various shades of

Red, yellow, purple, black, orange and brown

They fly into the souls of leaves


The leaves in the forest

Posessed, transformed

Follow the Cellist’s lead

They drop to my height

All at once

I am caught in a flurry of leaves



I dance in them for how longĀ  I do not know



The Cellist switches to high notes

The leaves obey

Lifting upwards

Swirling above my head

The sky

Blocked out by leaves

The sun shines through them

Producing art

I have no other words


The cellist plays the end of his piece

The leaves fall with a giant


To the ground




A photograph

I stare at the picture

I’m fixated on it

A moment captured

Forever lost to history

But locked in this single picture

I look deeper into their eyes

They’re most likely old

or dead

by now

So young and full of life

Such potential

so much to look forward to


I screw up the photograph

Into a ball

Throwing it into a bin


Only for it to be blown away

By the wind


The village surrounded by mist


Faces that aren’t faces

Hollow people

They walk the same route

Every day

The birds

The same shrill calls

The beasts

Wander the same path

through the undergrowth

A mist surrounds this place

I’ve walked out of it

A thousand times

Only to be welcomed back

By lifeless smiles

Devoid of emotion

Some days

I find myself

Walking the same route

Drifting, comforming

With this village

Emptiness echoes

Throughout my hollowing mind

I smile




The ocean


I dance and swirl around

As I am dictated

By the waves

Of this ocean

I watch my arms

Uselessly sway about

My hips

Awkwardly turn round and round

my legs

At least standing


I’m in a daze

The music keeps playing

Even if I’m not there

I’m still dancing

To the waves

Of this ocean






Moving forward

One foot in front of the other

slowly decaying, my feet rot

My cells, they leave me

one by one

Yet I still walk

I watch them go

They mingle with the dust

They ascend to the stars

They set up homes in the sea

They ride on fishes

They fly with the birds

I’m crawling on my knees

There’s not much left

Of what I call me

It’s all up and left

My body

sinks into the ground like sand

Given and taken back