The Lighthouse in the Distance

The sea stings me

As one wave after the other

Tries to push me back

I rub the salt from out of my eyes

And march on forward

Forever forward

The seaweed attempts to tangle me up

In its watery web

The crabs pinch at my toes

Pointing me back towards home

The seagulls swoop low

Shrieking at me

But I can see the lighthouse

It’s so close

Yet so far

House on a Cliff over the Sea

A house by the cliff edge

Leaning towards the sea

A 200 metre drop

The sea sees this as a mockery to it’s power

A clear insult

Sending wave after wave

Each time, begging the cliff

To give him the house

By the cliff edge


The cliff denies them

By launching boulders at the sea

In fits of rage

The waves keep begging

Suddenly cottoning on to an idea

The cliff, refusing wave after wave

Not realising

The house slipping down

into the relentless waves

Of the sea

Smacking it’s lips

In anticipation