Looking Inside

The desert sands

I wander through

With just my body

I hold onto

No water, no food, no air

No reasons, I let go

Inside I went

To caverns old and long ago explored

To be another that brings a torch

To light up what we forgot

Got No Water

Young man

If you’ve got no water

How are you gonna survive

Your soul bleeds

Won’t you get up from your knees

Let your wings soar like a dove

Let your soul fall into his hands

Drink in the sunlight

Through your eyes

While you’re gaining money

Think of his pleas

Don’t let your soul drown

From the floods

Revolution of the Youth

Children born to fill

The holes that we leave behind

Hundreds of years of effort and work

Ended by the anarchy of the youth

Forgotten trades and beliefs

Many Gods thrown to the floor

And spat on