House on a Cliff over the Sea

A house by the cliff edge

Leaning towards the sea

A 200 metre drop

The sea sees this as a mockery to it’s power

A clear insult

Sending wave after wave

Each time, begging the cliff

To give him the house

By the cliff edge


The cliff denies them

By launching boulders at the sea

In fits of rage

The waves keep begging

Suddenly cottoning on to an idea

The cliff, refusing wave after wave

Not realising

The house slipping down

into the relentless waves

Of the sea

Smacking it’s lips

In anticipation




I hear thunder

Its roar shaking the valley

The birds scream

The beasts run terrified

The trees brace themselves

I sit, shaking in my tent

The rain leaks through the holes

Of unrealiable plastic

I’ve run out of batteries

On everything

The wind shakes the pegs free

The only thing grounding this tent

Is me