Destroying you

I could show you the wirings in my hand

The ligaments, the tendons, wrapped around bone

Can you see them tighten?

I did that by thinking it

Can you see them snap?

I can do that

I’m capable of understanding, yet destroying

But I won’t just destroy myself

That would be detrimental unto me


I will use this hand to destroy you, stranger

I will command these fingers to grip around your throat

I will watch from my tower from where I send commands

I will watch you be destroyed by me


When I look at the specks of dust

Surrounding my room

I’m reminded of a time

When I was a part of it

They were a part of me

We used to be so close

But they flaked off and left me

To leave for their ancestral burial grounds

Where they lay in undisturbed peace


Till the cloth wipes them away

Clumped together on an alien spaceship

Thrown away, into nameless graves

Others take leave and float far away

To an outer world

To find rest elsewhere

A tree

A branch

The sea



The neverending wind

Far away from me

My heart aches

I let the dust settle in my room in peace