Anticipating Love

I shaked

And Shivered

My lips quivered

My hands trembling

At the thought of you near

My heart rattled in its cage

Begging to break out and be set free

My words dull and blase at the fear of exposure

To the pain rendered to me when I was younger

Fleeting dreams and thoughts of love trickle from my soul

I wish to swim through the sea to taste their bitter salts again

To feel love



Fire Gone Exploring

The fire crackles, spitting into my face

I’m caught alight!

I stop, drop and roll all over the place

But my face is burning something nasty

I raise my hands in sheer panic

Hoping it’ll go out by itself

But the more blood vessels it bursts

The faster the fire explores me

Burning away ever road within myself

Until I’m nothing but ash

Hardened Leather

People are good to me

But I don’t think they are

People shower me with words

That are mostly good

But I listen to the ones that aren’t

I listen to the criticisms, the insults

The bullying

Because it hurts

I like the pain it inflicts

It tears at me

It pulls off and flicks my skin away

Into a dirty bucket

Leaving me raw and fresh

Ready for infection

Which I don’t allow

My skin grows back twice as strong

Like hardened leather

Ready to be torn, again and again

And again