Heart in hands

I hold my heart out to the biting wind

A wheezing, mass of flesh

Pulsing weakly

Coughing blood at my palms


The longer I hold it out

The more the elements work their magic

The vultures circle above me and my heart

They can smell things that we can only feel


I stand there motionless

Staring at my heart

Waiting for it to say something

No Matter Where I Go

I tried looking for my mind

But I couldn’t find it anywhere


I climbed the Himalayan mountains

Right to the top

Dancing with the eagles


I swam in the Dead Sea

Letting my body float

For who knows how long


I flew in a hot air balloon

Across the red Arabic sky

Sand as far as the eye can see


I ventured through the cold,

wintery forests of Russia

Taking refuge with the wolves


I blazed through the deserts of America

On a Harley Davidson

Riding with the coyotes


I studied with the shaolin monks

To calm my mind

In China


I rode horses on a sea of grass

Drinking fermented milk

In Mongolia


I walked through streets filled

With cherry blossoms

And people

In Japan


I fished salmon in the lakes

Of Alaska

Competing with the bears


But no matter where I go

Or what I do

I can’t seem to find my mind