Becoming a Politician

A man sits by the harbour

With a cap full of coins

He’s not sure how it happened


He was talking out loud in town

To passersby

Speaking strongly of the current political situation

Ruining Britain

And how we should solve these issues

He had fair points

Solid plans

But no one would listen

Walking right by without a glance


Someone told him to dance

While giving his speech

To liven things up a bit

And so he did, he had a jig

Whilst starting his speech over again

He looked like a fool, an idiot

He looked hilarious

People stopped and laughed, and listened

The money came flowing

The coins rolled in his cap that lay at his feet

They signed his petitions

In return for the man signing their shirts

They wanted his photograph

And he gave it all to them

In return for something

Worth a lot more

A signature


Meeting My Reflection

I used to walk

To a local pond every day

Sit on a bench

And stare at my reflection

It would stare back at me

We wouldn’t say a word

Then we’d both make our seperate ways home

One day I got bored

So, I picked up a pebble

And threw it right at his forehead

But the little blighter threw one right back at me!

Skeleton on a Dune Buggy

Driving a dune buggy across the desert

There’s a sandstorm ahead

I drive right through it

The sand bites at my skin

Waging war

I don’t mind so much about losing

So I let the sand win

It takes my flesh away

Beating it into the ground

Burying it

Into the shifting dunes


An Arabic guitar

Plays off in the distance

I drive towards the sound

Like a moth to a flame

I drift to a halt

He seems rather shocked to see me

“Shouldn’t you wrap up? it’s awfully cold”

I guess I can’t feel it in my bones