Night Terror


Leaked from the stars

The endless night


At the thought of light


Men of Steel

Stand sharp and tall!

A thousand teeth

Unsheath and set themselves

To work on flesh that now hangs from bone

The hot fangs melting steel to skin

Awake men!

Stand sharp and tall!

The light will come for us

In the end

Anticipating Love

I shaked

And Shivered

My lips quivered

My hands trembling

At the thought of you near

My heart rattled in its cage

Begging to break out and be set free

My words dull and blase at the fear of exposure

To the pain rendered to me when I was younger

Fleeting dreams and thoughts of love trickle from my soul

I wish to swim through the sea to taste their bitter salts again

To feel love




An ant scout wanders into my room

It’s antenna seeing things I can’t


It finds an apple core hidden in my bin

It leaves, out the front door

Returning with tens of thousands of ants

Flooding in

Organised groups, single file, regimented

Setting up logistics

Passing chunks of apple

To one another

Working as a close-knit team


What disgusts me isn’t the fact they’re grubby insects

Or they’re eating an old, rotten apple core

The juices still leaking in my bin

It’s the level of coordination

The intelligence

The teamwork

As they invade my home

It sickens me inside, right to the core




I invade theirs

I grab the ant killer powder

And kick it in, right deep inside their nest


That’ll teach the fuckers for being so clever


A Storm’s Kiss

A silver fog blurs my vision

Till I’m left with nothing but hearing

I can feel the grey sea moaning

As the long forseen storm

Searches for me

Shouting my name with such power

That I cower into the fetal position

The storm sends out hurricane after hurricane

Searching for me

Asking the sea

If it’s seen me anywhere

The sea shrugs

With a nonchalant moan

The fog finally betrays me

Lifting itself


The storm has found me

It materialises into human form

Kissing me with thunder