Destroying you

I could show you the wirings in my hand

The ligaments, the tendons, wrapped around bone

Can you see them tighten?

I did that by thinking it

Can you see them snap?

I can do that

I’m capable of understanding, yet destroying

But I won’t just destroy myself

That would be detrimental unto me


I will use this hand to destroy you, stranger

I will command these fingers to grip around your throat

I will watch from my tower from where I send commands

I will watch you be destroyed by me

The Digging Man

A walking man disturbs the flowers underfoot

Crushing the gentle beetles

The squirming worms

Carried to the heavens in a seagulls beak


The dull scraping sound of a spade

Digging up soil

Piercing the roots of the underground

Destroying their deep interconnected channels

Their links

He digs away

Until the hole is big enough

Wiping the sweat from his brow

He walks on home

My Lighthouse

I can see her now, alight in the city

A moving lighthouse, guiding me

Through a maze of unrelenting waves, hitting my boat

I’m barely keeping myself up

I could let myself sink, I could tip right over

I could let the sea take me to its abyss

But she’d never allow it

It’s her light that shines through the waves

composed of many faces

Until her light is all I can see

All I can think of

I let myself become warmed by it

I let it hug my skin

I could take it off for her

I could show her the fragile cage underneath

Breaking, crumbling at the beat of my heart

Beating to the rhythm of this love

I don’t mind, I want to show her it all

All of this ragged body, mind and spirit

She’ll bring it all to the light

No piece left untouched or gripped by shadow

The mischievous rock

There’s a rock in my room

That floats around my space

It can speak to me, telepathically

Floating in the midst of my dreams

It tells me I’m no good

Dropping itself, repeatedly, on my head

I wake up

Put it ouside, for bad behaviour

But it keeps smashing my window


“Not again” my parents say

But it wasn’t me

It was the rock!

See what you’ve done now


It keeps smashing against my head

Until I can’t think

I think he wants to get in there

I’ll grab a knife

I’ll split open my head

And let you in

Just don’t tell my parents, okay?



Whispering Birds

“Couldn’t you wait for it?”

The bird squawks from the chimney top

“Couldn’t you just hear her out?”

I tried to block out the voice

Holding my hands against my ears

Staring down at her

She’s moving slightly

“She was just about to explain, why didn’t you just wait, why are you always like this?”


I shot the bird

I shot it until it was nothing

But a feathery mess

I smashed its eggs

Mixing their liquids

Into the birds body

With my boots


“Couldn’t you just wait for it?”

I hear from a murder of flying crows

“She was just about to explain”


She’s still moving slightly

I close the door

And try to forget about it


A Filled Cage

He’s lost her now

The venom festers within him

Throughout all these years

You can see it glowing


It came spewing from his mouth

Sweating through his pores

Leaking from his ears

Travelling through the passages

In his body

Almost undetected


Until all he is

Is a frail, crumbling cage

With stapled paper skin

Filled to the brim with poison