A Seedling in a Vast Sky

I am soft spoken with a hard crust

I trip and fall over words

As hurdles are presented to me

I ride through the wind

Shaking like a leaf

But I’m sturdy as a tree

My Gran always said!

“Be bamboo, flexible, bend with the wind, don’t break!”

Through the strong smell of wine

Chase your dreams, they say

Well I just can’t seem to pick one

So for the mean time I’ll float like a dandelion

Germinating where I land

An Acorn’s Life

I suppose it’s only fitting

That I am born an acorn

There’s nothing wrong with being one

You see,

There’s no judging or judgement

No Sadness

Or even happiness

I can’t talk to my fellow Acorns

Or Mother Tree

But if I could

What would I talk to them about?

I bask in my own existence

And let the elements

Guide me to my new home

I let them decide my fate

While I simply soak it all in

I wonder when it will rain again?