An Artist


A broken down building

With broken, heartfelt art

A man sits alone

In his world

His two cats

Give him what he needs

While he gives in to what he wants

Scratching paint with a stick

Clawing, raking with his nails

Deep into the canvas

His art screams help

But he is happy with his lot

The eyes of a sensitive man

Twitching with pain

From a life

That has been too much

Ships of Thought

There is a place in the rain

Where all the lost men go

With the foggy minds

The men that have lost meaning

Often out of touch with reality

A place filled with anchors and chains

To ground down their

ships of thought

In the fog

And wait for a clearer day

Without getting anymore lost

So the men wait

In the rain

For a sunny day

Unrequited Love for a Mosquito

She is a mosquito

She just can’t get enough

I have blood too much blood

I’m full of it

It’s not going anywhere

I keep pumping it out

Shouldn’t it be going somewhere

I’m bloating, bigger and bigger

It’s seeping through the cracks in my skin

This is it, I’ll explode

I guess she didn’t want any more blood