A Deep Tranquil Blue

A path of bright stars appears in front of me

Leading to a dark sky

A night that will never end

A darkness that will forever be still


I follow it

until the stars beneath my feet

Burn out and fall to black


My thoughts turn from

Alarming Green

To worried yellow

To angry red

Until I reach a peaceful blue


A deep peaceful blue that lingers

Ringing sofly in my mind

until it falls and dissipates

Into the night


I slowly melt into black

Now that my mind has given way

I melt into what we were

And what we are always meant to be

The Fire

I have a fire flickering deep inside of myself

Spitting embers indiscriminately

Onto those I love

And those I hate

Burning all it touches


Those that are true to me

Stay not only for the warmth

But also endure the burns


Sometimes I let the fire die down to ash

To see who’s still there

Even when the warmth is fading

And the fire is dead

Heart in hands

I hold my heart out to the biting wind

A wheezing, mass of flesh

Pulsing weakly

Coughing blood at my palms


The longer I hold it out

The more the elements work their magic

The vultures circle above me and my heart

They can smell things that we can only feel


I stand there motionless

Staring at my heart

Waiting for it to say something


I can feel every grain of gravel

Swallowed up and spat out by my wheels

Chewed, crunched and sprayed out like fine dust

The wind propels me on

The fine dust licked up

Into a mighty storm

That hangs behind me

Like a faithful hound

We go on together

Down this endless road

Losing ourselves in speed

Wrestling with death

It only takes one lousy pothole



Invisible Voice

I realise what’s wrong with me

I sing

But I have no voice

I beg and plead with those around me

For my words to reach them

But they fall on deaf and dumb ears

As if I’m not really there

Maybe they’re not there

But I need them

Why do I need them

To remind me I exist

I am invisible

Until I’m needed



A Simple Man

He sang with a simple voice

Simple, but honest

He led a normal life

Read easy, fluffy books

Had cliche memories

And such pleasant dreams

He felt something was wrong

When everything was right

The world was not so simple as he thought it

An empty hole gaping further across his heart

Filling itself with overused inspirational quotes

The words turned to jumbled up letters

So he did what any sane man would do

He took his own life

And the simple people wondered why

The Lighthouse in the Distance

The sea stings me

As one wave after the other

Tries to push me back

I rub the salt from out of my eyes

And march on forward

Forever forward

The seaweed attempts to tangle me up

In its watery web

The crabs pinch at my toes

Pointing me back towards home

The seagulls swoop low

Shrieking at me

But I can see the lighthouse

It’s so close

Yet so far