The Deal I have with Queen Bee

I’m walking on a bridge

Made of ivy vines

Each step

Lets out a hiss, releasing

clouds of pollen into the air

The bees soak it up

Like natures sponges

There are hives

Hidden directly beneath the bridge

The bees are clever


I keep walking

Till I meet the Queen Bee

We sit down and sip tea together

Discussing politics

And the weather

I cut to the chase

“So, where is the honey?”

I see her breaking down into fits of tears

I am numb to her pain

Reluctantly, she points to wheelbarrows

Full of jars of honey

I walk them back

One by one

Over the bridge made of ivy

Feeling the hatred

From the many eyes of the bees

Hovering, very close

When is it Supposed to Kick In?

Shake your hips, pretend you know how

Move your arms, like you saw on TV

Set the rhythm with your feet

Like you learnt from your computer

Kiss her like you saw

In that porno one time

And pretend to enjoy it

All the while you wonder

When it’s supposed to feel good

You’re so Tame

You’re so tame to me

I could squeeze your head

Till your eyeballs pop out

From your sockets

And you’d still see the best in me


I could look you dead in the eye

And shoot you in the chest

And tell you it was for the best

And you’d still think I was right


I could feed you lies

Telling you that the world

Is made up of tiny, colourful ants

And you’d still believe me


But when I tell you I love you

Believe me, because I do not lie

I hope there never comes a day

When you stop loving me


An ant scout wanders into my room

It’s antenna seeing things I can’t


It finds an apple core hidden in my bin

It leaves, out the front door

Returning with tens of thousands of ants

Flooding in

Organised groups, single file, regimented

Setting up logistics

Passing chunks of apple

To one another

Working as a close-knit team


What disgusts me isn’t the fact they’re grubby insects

Or they’re eating an old, rotten apple core

The juices still leaking in my bin

It’s the level of coordination

The intelligence

The teamwork

As they invade my home

It sickens me inside, right to the core




I invade theirs

I grab the ant killer powder

And kick it in, right deep inside their nest


That’ll teach the fuckers for being so clever


No Matter Where I Go

I tried looking for my mind

But I couldn’t find it anywhere


I climbed the Himalayan mountains

Right to the top

Dancing with the eagles


I swam in the Dead Sea

Letting my body float

For who knows how long


I flew in a hot air balloon

Across the red Arabic sky

Sand as far as the eye can see


I ventured through the cold,

wintery forests of Russia

Taking refuge with the wolves


I blazed through the deserts of America

On a Harley Davidson

Riding with the coyotes


I studied with the shaolin monks

To calm my mind

In China


I rode horses on a sea of grass

Drinking fermented milk

In Mongolia


I walked through streets filled

With cherry blossoms

And people

In Japan


I fished salmon in the lakes

Of Alaska

Competing with the bears


But no matter where I go

Or what I do

I can’t seem to find my mind

Two Awkward Lumps of Meat

A sad melancholy song

Stuck, repeating the chorus of:

“Pixies – Where is my Mind”

Echoing within the comfortable confines

Of our room

The speakers try to push the tears out and aside

To allow the music through

We sit cuddled up together

Wrapped in eachothers arms

Two awkward lumps of meat

Stuck in self made prisons