Finding Virtue in Loneliness

As the piano notes 

Rise and fall 

My being pangs

With loneliness

My voice tries to call out

But the words don’t come

Just stuttering

Watching from a distance 

Shunned and stunted 

Visions of the past 

Pretend to hold me up 

To support me

Masking themselves 

As my friends 

Spectres of good feelings 

Hollowed out and replaced

With sinister sentiments 

And so 

With the daily grating

Of my spirit 

Whilst listening 

To their haranguing

I submit

To something far above myself 

To something virtually unhuman


Memories with Faces

The body comes up 

With amazing ideas 

When thoughts float by

I know the logic 

But I can’t get passed  

Each time I make sense of it 

The memories come closer 

A long time ago

They happened

Repeating themselves

Each time locking me in 

As I reason with it

Moving closer 

I think I’m getting better 

Until I find their faces 

Pressed up against the glass

The Forest and the Forum

Torn between two factions 

Two minds and two hearts 

One, tribal 

The other, civilisation itself 

One that runs through the forest 

Spear in hand

The other in an assembly of men 

Head held high, words with virtue 

My heart wants to return to that forest

Whilst my head wants a place in the forum 

The battle plays out constantly

Between beast and man


Does what I say, 

The vessels I choose

To fill with my thoughts


With the daily confusion 

Injected by surety 

By those that make my decisions 

And, just like that 

I stumble again 

Not so sure 

Then sure again 

Of what I’m doing 

Every hour of every day 

It hangs over me 


Holding me up 

Ever curious as to what I’m doing

And like a fool, I watch her too

Tick, tick, tick away 

Wherever I look 

The passing of numbers 

That seem to grip me

With an anxiety that feeds on itself

A Dream Within a Dream

My head twists and turns 

With the rhythm of the drum 

Her voice pierces my ears 

Like a siren she calls to me 

Through the dusty speakers 

That mount my desk 

My body seems to stands to attention 

Eyes slipping to the dark and back 

I have to keep my posture good 

But it falters

When I forget 

What dream holds me now 

What place am I in 

A shoreline greets my boat 

We jump onto the sandy beach 

It crunches beneath my boots

As I look up

To the cliff-top 

Figures stand 

Singing out to the sea 

Their guttural song 

Gliding across the waves

The Helmsman

The cold bites into my flesh

The rain gives rise to complaint

My soul, the helmsman of a ship

Falling and rising above the many waves of thoughts

Some high and spiteful

Spitting froth, stinging my eyes

Some low and deceitful

Lulling me to the reefs

Yet still I hold onto the wheel

Guiding the ship so that it does not sink