The Shingle Beach – Robert James Berry

I remember the shingle beach and the sand hills pocked with warrens and the way we scampered making mini-avalanches, summoning enough noise to forbid the sea from her crashing. Then Mother would call us in, towel us dry, and the surf would re-instate her thunder and the candles would gutter as we dreamed.

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Reminds me of childhood..

My Girl’s food blog!

I wanna have a food blog. Like I just really, really want to be creative enough to come up with recipes and also I’m very distracted because the spider nesting outside my window just disappeared and it is stressing me out. So yeah, it is a pretty sad picture I’m going to pain here, but […]

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My girlfriends a brilliant cook and she’s finally having the confidence to put herself out there, if you’re looking for some good shit please keep an eye on her, preferably two. Hopefully her food blogging starts soon! We all wait in anticipation.

A Filled Cage

He’s lost her now

The venom festers within him

Throughout all these years

You can see it glowing


It came spewing from his mouth

Sweating through his pores

Leaking from his ears

Travelling through the passages

In his body

Almost undetected


Until all he is

Is a frail, crumbling cage

With stapled paper skin

Filled to the brim with poison