A Dream Within a Dream

My head twists and turns 

With the rhythm of the drum 

Her voice pierces my ears 

Like a siren she calls to me 

Through the dusty speakers 

That mount my desk 

My body seems to stands to attention 

Eyes slipping to the dark and back 

I have to keep my posture good 

But it falters

When I forget 

What dream holds me now 

What place am I in 

A shoreline greets my boat 

We jump onto the sandy beach 

It crunches beneath my boots

As I look up

To the cliff-top 

Figures stand 

Singing out to the sea 

Their guttural song 

Gliding across the waves

Author: Jack Bennett

Born in Torbay, living in Bristol. One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.

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