Grains of Sand

The sea laps around

Melting the rock I sit on

Watching the horizon

Greedily swallow up the sun

The sand forms outlines of stories below

Each grain a life on earth

This one’s from the shores of Peru

Picked up by a tribesmen

Wondering what to do

And where to go

The land is barren

And his heart too

This one, the shores of Hokkaido

Picked up by a farming man

Who resided in the state of Japan

He picked up the sand

And wondered about the future

Of his plot of land

His family

Melting to the sand

Those grains of sand

picked up by my own hand

I let fall to the sea

From my palm

Where the sand returns

To now known lands




Author: Jack Bennett

Born in Torbay, living in Bristol. One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.

10 thoughts on “Grains of Sand”

  1. Jack, when I read this poem I get the sense of entering into multiple perspectives. To me its as if each grain of sand is unique, yet equally important, that they interact with every other speck of life around it. There are a few other interesting layers/interpretations behind your words that come out ever so subtly, but throughly carried me through as the reader. Overall, i think it is an absolutely lovely poem!

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  2. Beautiful. Brings me right back to very specific moments of my life where I sat along different shores all over the world, and thinking “wow, they are all connected.”

    Liked by 1 person

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